Birds:  Talk or display interesting sightings and unusual happenings about birds, bird walks, field trips, bird organizations, bird houses, feeders, food, trees birds like and about sanctuaries, etc...
Civic Development:  Plan, plant and maintain the Club's beautification projects. Develop and manage maintenance schedule and oversee special civic projects.
Conservation:  Share quick tips on saving our earth's energy and resources.
Garden Therapy:  Work with the elderly, homebound, disabled and/or ill.
Historian: Collect and maintain history of Club's events and display these from time to time.
Horticulture: Share information on plants and gardening. 
Hospitality:  Set up annual schedule of hostesses for the year. Maintain inventory.
Junior Gardening:  Present projects to young people to interest them in gardening.
Membership: Promote new members, maintain current membership list.
Nominating:  Ask members to fill selected posts and submit names for review.
Outstanding Member Award: Select one club member annually for WGC Award and submit application for applicable FGCCT Award.
Programs:  Plan programs and club trips.
Publicity:  Publicize meetings and special events, provide media deadlings to Committee Chairs.
Scholarship: Invite local students who intend to enroll in a horticultural or environmental program to apply for the Watertown Garden Club Scholarship.
Sunshine:  Send cards and flower plantings, fruit baskets, cheer
Telephone:  Selects callers to phone or send postcards of upcoming events.
Fund Raising:  Raise funds for Club expenditures.