Plant Sale

Annually, a plant sale is held every May in the Adam's Grocery Store parking lot, 1167 Main Street, Watertown, CT. See Flyer for additional information.

Civic Development - Planters

Spring planters are completed as weather permits. Look for them in early-mid April. The Club's Spring Design Contest in 2021, resulted in stunning planter designs. The contest was a huge success garnering a total of 150 votes from citizens of Watertown and neighboring areas. All seven entries were unique and showed astounding talent. View Top Three Winners .

Summer planters are completed around Memorial Day. They are lovingly cared for during the hot summer by a crew of volunteers, to keep the plants healthy and still beautiful in late September.

Then, until frost, planters are filled with autumn color. Just after Thanksgiving, they are decorated with evergreens and decor to brighten up those cold, darker days.

General Meetings in 2023

Suspension of indoor meetings due to the pandemic was lifted and the long awaited resumption of in-person indoor general meetings, at the Club's usual venue, including regular programing, began in March of 2022. The year 2023 will have a line-up of interesting speakers and events. The schedule will continue to be updated and can be viewed on the Club Calendar.

2022 July Garden Luncheon

Every year a member of the Club hosts the July Garden Luncheon. This past year members met at Faye Zasada's home in gardens originally landscaped by Frederick Law Olmstead's family.

Photos of some prior events can be viewed here.

Civic Development - Gardens

The spring flowers in the Oakville Post Office garden are awesome. The garden was expanded in 2021 with new plants and bulbs - which will be enjoyed every spring.