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Watertown Garden Club

The 4 teams competing for the 2010 Best Winter Planter design did a splended job!
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Below are only a few participants of the September 25, 2010 Walk to Defeat ALS in honor of Marilyn's son, Brian. Thank you for your donations.
als walkers

Thank you, Liz, for holding the Club 2010 Garden Luncheon.
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Once again, community support made this event a great success !


June 10, 2010
Guided Tour of Naumkeag Estate and Berkshire Botanical Garden
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2010 WGC Meeting and Event Notes:

December 9, 2010: Christmas Luncheon (Club members only)
Watertown County Club, Guernseytown Road, Watertown, CT

Officers, Executive Committee members and Committee Chairpersons were elected for 2011.

Competitors in the 2010 Winter Planter Design Contest were commended for their dedication - wind, rain nor finger-numbing cold kept them from accomplishing their mission!

November 11, 2010: "Garlic - Its History, Anatomy, Cultivation & Medicinal Value" by Dorothea DiCecco.

Dorothea is a regular speaker at the annual Garlic Festival in Bethlehem. Her expertise and experience with garlic enticed many Club members to cultivate its growth in their own backyards - although we may have to wait until next season, as it is normally planted in early October and hard to obtain this late in the season! The lecture was entertaining, informative and wonderfully scented.

The winter planters will be designed by four groups, all competing against each other for the best design. The community will no doubt enjoy the results.

The menu for December's luncheon was determined - hope to see everyone there.

October 14, 2010: Design Strategies from Great Gardens" by Rich Pomerantz

The presentation by Rich Pomerantz was delightful. Garden design strategies which focus on personal expression using existing site parameters were supported by wildly wonderful photographs of existing Berkshire gardens - most of which are open to the public. If you missed the event, the photos viewed at the event can be found in Great Gardens of the Berkshires by Virginia Small. Rich's website is

During the regular meeting, February was designated our pot-luck meeting month, the Nominating Committee announced the filling of all but two positions for 2011 - the office of President and Hospitality Chair, and changes to the Constitution and By-Laws were approved.

Nine energetic ladies made the trip to New Britain to participate in the Walk to Defeat ALS on September 25th. The "ALS Watertown Garden Club Team" and Club members generously donated to the cause - an effort greatly appreciated by Brian and his family. Thank you.

As a fall fund-raising event, everygreen cemetary sprays will be made and sold for $25. See photos and details.

September 9, 2010:

What makes a plant truly garden worthy? Nancy De Brule-Clemente, from Natureworks in Northford, CT, presented "Superior Plants for Connecticut Gardens" which taught us what plants she , with more than 25 years of hands-on gardening experience, thinks are the best and why. Each specific plant's superiority to others was beautifully displayed and explained. Naturworks offers numerous opportunities for exploring plants and gardening. Visit its Website to learn more: Natureworks.

The Club meeting resulted in a number of approved motions: The 2011 Club dues were raised to $20/individual and $30/couple. Another allows the Club to collect a $5.00 donation from non-members when attending monthly presentations. The Ways and Mean Committee was charged with pursuing a fund raiser this fall - with the idea of making and selling a new, revised design of a cemetary box being the focus.

The Club also voted to donate $100 to the Walk to Defeat ALS in honor of Brian Dilon, Marilyn's son. There is a "Watertown Garden Club Team" registered to walk on September 25th in New Britain. Access the Website to walk or donate to this great cause and great man. Please call Shelley, Jessie or Marilyn for additional information or assistance.

The Nominating Committee is currently seeking a slate of officers and committees for 2011. Anyone interested in serving should call Liz.

Amy relayed Swift Jr. High's appreciation for the most recent sprucing-up of the gardens prior to its Open-House. An effort will be made to complete one courtyard garden this fall with easy to maintain shrubs and grasses. Contact Amy if you are interested in helping. Assistance from Taft students will also be solicited. View photos of Swift gardens!

July 8, 2010: Garden Lunchen, Liz Rinaldy graciously provided Club members with a lavious luncheon in the midst of her gorgeous gardens. Photos

June 10, 2010: The Berkshires, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thanks to all the Club members who made this trip so successful. Photos

Naumkeag, Stockbridge, Berkshires
Berkshire Botanical Garden
Norman Rockwell Museam

May 13, 2010 Tea
Maureen Haseley-Jones, aka "The English Lady" presented "Garden Earth" at a tea attended by Club members and community guests.

April 8, 2010

George McCleary, site horticulturist at the Bellamy-Ferriday House and Garden, presented "Composting and Earthworms."

At the regular meeting discussions were held and the following actions were taken:

Birds: Gold finch feathers are turning gold now. Red-winged Blackbirds are numerous - those with red and yellow wings are male. Wild Turkeys are increasing in number as well.

Garden Therapy: A thank-you letter was read from the Watertown Convalarium for the Club's continued support and sponsorship of Garden Therapy activities.

Horticulture: Jessie showed many of the new annuals available at Careyshire Farm this year.

Membership: New member, Martha Ross, was welcomed into the Club. Guests present were Jane Sforza, Pamela Sangster, Elaine Denze and Shirley Ramponi.

Junior Gardening: The Swift courtyard will be cleaned up soon. Call Amy to participate.

Programs: The May 13th Tea will begin at 1 p.m., immediately following a regular meeting. Setup will begin at 10 a.m. Food deliveries should be made at that time or the prior evening. Call Amy if pick-up is needed or to sign-up for baking.

So far 21 seats are reserved for the June 10th Berkshires trip. A neighboring garden club is going to participate, so seating may only be available for a short time. Please remember to bring any raffle items to the May 13th Tea.

March 11, 2010

Kathy's presentation, "Making Peace with Bees" was both informative and fun. These two handouts were particularly informative for gardeners interested in attracting bees to their yard. Although bees are not the only pollinators, they play an important role in that function. Gardening for Bees and Pollen and Nectar Sources.

At the regular meeting discussions were held and the following actions taken:

Click, print, and send Amy your reservation for the June 10th bus trip to the Berkshires, along with your payment of $45 as soon as possible. Reservation Form. Anyone interested in contributing raffle items should bring them to Phyllis at the May meeting.

The Club's annual plant sale will be held on May 22, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Main Street, between the Watertown Library and the Town Hall Annex.

Instead of holding a bake sale in conjunction with the Club's Annual Plant Sale, the April 8th meeting (at which The English Lady will present) will be a Tea. A committee was formed to organize this event.

Applications for the Club's annual scholarship are now being accepted.

February 18, 2010

The first meeting in 2010 was officiated by our newly-installed officers. Of primary importance was the unanimous decision to award Laurette Perry an Honorary Membership to the Watertown Garden Club. Laurette has been a member since 1994 and has contributed greatly to the Club's success.

The By-Laws were revised to change the Club's fiscal year from December 1st through November 30th to January 1st through December 31st. Club dues will increase to $20/person and $35/couple beginning in 2011. In addition, new members will be expected to attend four meetings a year and be an active participant in at least one committee.

The Plant Sale was scheduled for May 29th. It was decided that a bake sale would be held in conjunction with the plant sale. A separate tent and crew will work the bake sale. Additional Ways and Means activities were suggested and tabled until the March meeting.

2010 Handbooks were distributed to members present at the meeting. The Club's Handbooks are printed by Patricia D. LeClerc who does a fantastic job! Thank you.

2010 Archived WGC Meeting Notes
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